I want to discuss about a way to improve and speed up a technical paper in English, especially my thesis.

I think now I don't have a serious problem to write a technical article in English. That is, I can express not perfectly but quite fluently about what I want to express in English. Hence, the main problem of my low speed in completing my thesis is not an English skill any longer. Therefore, my more important problem is that I am lacked in revision and improvement skill for high quality technical writing especially in English.

I have a number of problems which make me delay to complete my thesis. If I use a word processor in a computer, I can not write well since my eyes become painful resulting in unable to watch the document continuously. If I use a pen and a paper, I don't feel my eye pain. However, it is more fun to use a computer because it can provide other advantages, including easy editing.

I summary some of my ideas how to overcome my problems.

First, I can use freemind to compensate the problems of word processing in a computer. Freemid provides a way to organize idea easily, which reduces time to express my idea relative to a word processor.

Second, I can use a paper and a pen.

Third, I can summary other papers and express my comment on each paper. It is helpful since technical paper writing is for debating the conventional knowledge usually described in the previous literatures.

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