It is really interesting to know that the life may be evolved by not only the natural selection but also the self-organization.

Recently, scientists find that the second rule of thermal physics may not be relevant to the life even if it is true for all other natures.

The second rule of the thermal physics is to say the entropy rule, which represents that all nature tends to improve the entropy of it.

If the amount of entropy is going high and high for life, it is impossible to live but must be dead soon. But we live for a certain period.

Therefore, recent scientists assume that life does not fully follow the entropy rule. It sometimes violate it. The life can reduce entropy.

Or, if the amount of entropy approaches to the certain amount, the order will be come. That is new life staying between chaos and order.

I now show one example of that chaotic order phenomena. Let us see the history of the web as an example.

In the first generation of the web, we use bookmarks or our memory to go to the site we want to navigate. At that time, the web was simple.

However, the entropy of the web is going to high and high. The order by the bookmarks is eventually totally broken. The bookmark is useless.

Similar to the moore's rule in the semiconductor, the complexity of the world wide web system is kept increasing. Two times in each 1.5 year

That complexity increase of the WWW system can be seen that it sincerely follows the entropy rule, i.e., the second rule of Thermodynamics.

We all know that the thermo-atoms tend to be spread out and our with respect to temporal increase. Similarly, WWW goes to be more complex.

Hence, the previous order by the bookmark or human memory becomes totally broken and it meets new Chaos time.

But the web is a networking system similar to the other complex adaptive systems, e.g., life. Higher level of Chaos energies new order.

Let us wonder what is the new order of the WWW system in stead of the bookmark based ordering system. How did large Chaos bring new order?

The new order in the complex system is coming by the natural selection and the self0organization, if the Kaffman's hypothesis is right.

Kauffman is a scientist in the Santa Fe institute in new Mexico, where the range of science is trying to be expanded by the computation.

Let's talk later about how the web becomes to have new order after the old order by the bookmark is totally broken and how it will be now~

To end of this time mentions, I'll give some hints. 1st generation web is bookmark, 2nd is search, the 3rd seems to be ordered by social.

By for now and let's talk about the chaos and emerging of the web later on. If you any any comments, please let me know it~ Thanks^^

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